Howdo I get started?

The first thing is to book an LGV medical. Anybody wanting to drive an LGV must meet minimum medical requirements, before the DVLA will issue you with a provisional licence.

Next you need to send off the doctors medical report along with form D2 which has all your details on to DVLA.

When your licence comes back from DVLA with LGV category C1 provisional on it, you can then take your LGV theory tests.

There're three theory tests, but you may only need to take two depending on your Driver CPC decision. The three theory tests are: Multiple Choice, Hazard Perception, and Driver CPC Case Study.

Only when the theory tests are passed can you go on to take the practical tests!​.

​​​C1 Ambulance, Paramedic 7.5 Ton Application process


The first stage of the C1 Ambulance licence acquisition is to complete a drivers medical. This is a higher standard medical than that required to drive a car. This can be done by your own Doctors or by a company called 


Once the medical is completed you will need to fill in a (D2)  licence application form. This will ask you for the provisional entitlement you are applying for, e.g C1 (7.5 ton licence) . Additional medical questions also need to be answered and the form signed at the bottom, please note no picture is required if the licence you currently hold is in date and is the photo type card. You will then need to send the D2 and D4 application forms, as well as your current drivers licence, to the DVLA. They will then return your licence with the provisional entitlement that you have applied for on it.

Theory Tests: 

You will be required to do 3 theory tests:

Multi choice – The 100 multiple-choice questions are still part of the new test. These questions cover all the basics of safe and proficient driving of large, commercial vehicles. You must get 85 of the questions correct in order to pass this portion.

Hazard Perception – Learners will watch nineteen one minute long hazard perception test video clips. Hazard perception clips are computer generated imagery (CGI) and filmed from the perspective of a passenger in the vehicle. Learners have to indicate, usually by clicking a mouse button or touching the screen, when they observe a developing hazard. All of the hazard perception clips will include one developing hazard, and one clip will include 2 hazards. The sooner the student reacts to a developing hazard, the more points are scored. Points are from five down to one, with no score if the examinee reacts too late. The test pass mark is 67/100 and the test contains 19 CGI clips.

MOD 2 CPC – This is not normally required for a C1 Ambulance driver. However if you wanted to driver commercially with your C1 licence this would need to be completed.

Theory Test Practice:

We can offer theory revision assistance the is a app that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet.

C1 Licence Driver Training, Paramedic 7.5 Ton Duration:

The driver training is conducted in our Renault Master van, that meets all the vehicle test requirements. 

Training is normally on a one to one basis, hours and days by arrangement .

Module 4: Driver CPC demonstration test

Again this would only be required if you wished to use your C1 licence commercially.

Theory Test Pro in partnership with Driver Developments



​​For more information or to book a Category C1 course simply call us today on 07890 681295

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